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Coronavirus Statement

The TAS network is currently following Government guidelines and all meeting have been postponed until further notice. However, during this time, we are still offering video conference meetings and our members forum remains very active.

Members of the public should be aware that TAS members are continuing to provide peace of mind to clients and many of our businesses are continuing to operate to support the population in the preparation of documents such as Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney.

TAS – Trust a Specialist

The TAS network is committed to educating introducers and clients to Trust A Specialist. The initiative highlights the importance of using a professional, highly qualified and experienced Will Writer or Estate Planning Company. If you are building a house, you trust a specialist, if you are unwell you trust a specialist so when you are planning for your family’s future security the only thing you should do is trust TAS – the specialist network for professional Estate Planners.

Our Core Values and Charter

The TAS network offers industry leading training and support for professional estate planners in England and Wales. The network’s member companies work together for their mutual benefit, sharing ideas and best practise for the benefit of all of our clients everywhere. The TAS Network is the leading network for Independent Will Writers in the UK it regulates its members and provides a charter for all it’s members to abide by:

Our Members Say

“I heard about the TAS network through Charles Gibson and after some discussion was invited to a meeting to see whether the TAS network was for me. Immediately I realised that there was no stuffiness. I enjoyed the lively discussion and felt quite at home very quickly. The overall impression was that everyone was eager to learn and move forward with their respective businesses. The additional legal support was very important to me.”

“TAS is important for my business, It gives me access to the finest ‘hive mind’ in terms of estate planners when I get an issue I can’t resolve myself. It’s training and support days are the best that I have attended. We are a great bunch of people and the social moments are really enjoyable. Who you hang around with matters and with TAS you know that you are with the best.”

“As one of the founder members of the TAS Network, I am a great supporter of all that it represents both for my business and for me personally. I have made a number of friends within the group and always look forward to the regular meetings and the social side of this as much as the training and support it provides.”

“For me, TAS gives a direct and quick route to a wealth of knowledge and experience and gives me the invaluable “peace of mind” of knowing that I can get help from other members and the legal department, when I sometimes need to have my ideas or precedents checked.”


“For me the benefits of TAS membership are access to legal clarification and support along with the opportunity to benefit from the best practices gleaned from other members. The training days are also a major benefit”


Knowledge Base

The TAS members have decades of combined experience in the field of estate planning. We publish and share industry-leading articles and papers for all our members.

Review of Training Day 24th June

July 15th, 2019|

Our meeting on June 24th was a well-attended affair. It was good to see six guests attending along with established members of the group. There was a good deal of interaction amongst guests and members


We take training seriously…

Generally we have 5 full day training sessions spread at intervals over the year at a central geographical location in England, often in the Midlands. The subjects will often go in depth into a particular area of expertise, for example Life Interest Trusts. Nearly always there is a session where we bring problems to the table for discussion.