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The rule in Saunders v Vautier  Philip Laidlow of Gateley plc

Philip talked through the key principles of this rule. He described the differences between legal, equitable and beneficial ownership. Philip observed how the rule can apply to discretionary trusts but highlighted the potential difficulties. The tax consequences are not to be overlooked. Philip provided a detailed ‘handout’.

Reducing the risk of IHR planning  Geoff Eggleston

Geoff made a series of points about the context of IHT planning – illustrating the cost of doing nothing and comparing this with a range of options available to clients with assets in excess of the NRB. A key principle is, of course, that advice can only come from suitably qualified advisors.

Deficient Nil Rate Band Trusts Philip Laidlow of Gateley plc

Philip quoted a series of instances where NRB trusts can be deficient. A key issue with clients is that such arrangements are often not put in place on a first death which can give rise to subsequent difficulties. Philip provided a detailed ‘handout’

Care fees funding and CHC Stephanie Ford of Care Necessities

Stephanie talked though the current difficulties of assessing the needs of people in need of care and determining how it should be paid for. CHC has been referred to as the ‘best kept secret’ of the NHS. Through case studies Stephanie illustrated how CHC can be hard to win and having professional advice (a ‘care advocate’) can significantly improve the chances of success.

Members issues  All members

The well-established sharing of information, experiences and best practice on several issues including:

Digital Assets update – Home Protection Plans and the RNRB –  TAS and ADR arrangements – RNRB and disabled persons’ trusts – Will writing software –  Assents –  Will storage and divorcing clients –  LPA decision making options – FLITs and expressions of wishes and hotchpot  – The 14-year shadow – Lifetime APR trusts and farmhouses – AML regulations.