TAS members were pleased to welcome two new members attending for the first time and two guests. The presentations covered a range of topics briefly summarised below:


James Seed of Gateley plc gave a talk on testamentary capacity illustrated by a case which drew on a number of principles that can affect both the perception and actuality of testamentary capacity.


George Wood of Dignity updated the group on developments in the current market for funerals and the function of funeral plans.


Jane Cowley and Amrit Hunjin of Gateley plc provided the group with an insight into the world of family law, specifically that of pre and post nuptial agreements and ‘living together’ agreements highlighting the importance of practitioners being able to ‘signpost’ for clients and potential clients the kind of advice as would be appropriate for their circumstances and objectives. 


All members participated in the well-established session involving the sharing of information, experiences and best practice on a number of issues of relevance to estate planning practitioners.


Member Hugh Goodale outlined an opportunity for TAS to provide a will writing service for a major firm. Some further negotiation is to take place.


Member Nicky Sunderland dealt with Lasting Powers of Attorney outlining some ideas as to how practitioners might better positon themselves to provide quality advice  as to clauses as might be required to ensure the operation of the LPAs in a way that fully meets clients’ needs and expectations.


Member Andy Parker demonstrated an approach to the production of wills based upon the creation of master documents and sub documents. He was able to show how the approach could deliver rapid results and provide a systematic way of producing wills that delivered the benefits of will writing software – without the associated costs.